A Most Peculiar Alignment

Session 5


The Corinthian (aka ‘Price’) uses his verbal skills and silver tongue to calm the situation down, and the Terileptils are convinced to listen to what he has to say.  Listening to his arguments and suggestions.  Jack stays at the back listening and watching the situation, hoping that this strange fellow who had just introduced himself as the Corinthian, can sort it all out.  Ivan pretty much does the same, leaning up against one of the Roman looking pillars that adorn the interior of the control room.  All three of them watching the proceedings on the display monitors, while the Terileptils and their automatons are gathered outside.

Turning to his two companions, “Well I think that went quite well, don’t you?”

“Yes, there is nothing like setting someone’s home on fire to calm them down.”  Jack suggests sarcastically.  The Corinthian pats around himself, eventually coming upon the torch-like device he had used on Jack and his sword so long ago now, placing it upon a chair to one side, and then piling a silk drape upon that.  He asks Jack to look after the chair, suggesting what to press if he should need it, making sure that he aims at what would need to be if the need arouse.

“I try to play nice with them, but I’m not believing in taking risks these days.  Try not to go and wave it about before they try to kill us, otherwise they probably will.”  Jack goes over to the chair and lifts the device up, feeling it in his hand, comparing it to how his trusty guns had felt.  He looks little disappointed at how lightweight and non-threatening it feels.  He goes to slip it inside his pocket, when The Corinthian suggests to him that he should leave it under the covers on the chair for now.

As Jack places the odd flimsy feeling device under the covers on the chair, The Corinthian notices a piece of paper sat there amongst the coverings, that he had not seen or any recollection of.  He pulls the single sheet of paper out, finding it directed for his attention.  He briefly holds it up and states more to himself than his companions, “Oh I have mail.  How fantastic.”  He spots how a simple ‘A’ at the end signs off the message.  The message reads;

This is not such a good idea.

You are being distracted from what needs to be.

There is something that must be put back in to its proper timeline.


“Who put this here?  I know.  But there is Cybermen!”  The Corinthian voices to the air about him.  Ivan looks over at him with an odd glance.  The Corinthian frown and screws up the note and pockets it.  “Bah, she has been trying to tell me what to do ever since I regenerated.  Nope this is a better plan, and I will go my way.”  He then marches over to the door and opens up, peering out to the amassed Terileptils.  The automatons instinctively raise their weapons at him.  He quickly waves his hands in the air with open palms.  “Wow, wow, wow.  Hold on, friendly, friendly here.”  The Terilpetils mutter something and the automatons lower their weapons.  The Corinthian steps out fully and offers his new acquaintances entrance to his craft for talks and refreshment.  The Terilpetil that seems to be the head or spokesperson steps forward and suggests, how it would be better for them to find a neutral room nearby where they can have mutual talks, than to be at a disadvantage on the strange looking vessel.  The Corinthian suggest that he sees how this is going and suggests that he can pull out some chairs, and they can have their talks right there in the corridor.  The Terileptils mutter amongst themselves for a bit before agreeing with the terms.  Pleased, The Corinthian hurries the chairs out forming a circle, sitting himself down and suggesting how someone should be taking minutes.  Ivan doesn’t join but stays stood at the door, leaning against the door frame.  Jack of course stays with his earlier appointed chair.

The Corinthian begins, standing and states how the first point of business is apologies.  He apologises for The Administrator not being there, saying she had left a note stating as much.  “Right I think that is all the apologies our side.”  He gives a pause before starting on his next order of business, saying that this is in regard to the Cybermen, and what needs to be done.  He then turns to Ivan, asking him to give his account of what he knows, having a recent dealing with them first hand.  The Terileptils tense upon hearing the name Cybermen.  Ivan steps forward and stands straight, he then gives his account of what had happened to him, back in London at the games.  How the Cybermen had attacked and took large groups of people for ‘upgrading’.  After finishing his account, Ivan looks around at the gathered faces, before stepping back and leaning once more against the door frame.  The Corinthian then adds how they were looking around for Ivan’s lost friend when they came upon an odd note.  He then turns to Jack who last had the note, to which he rummaged in his pockets and produces the note with the drawing upon it.  The Corinthian then continues to say how they had tracked that note back to the poor fellow who the Terileptils had captive until recently.  “Sorry for breaking him out, but he did look like he was in a lot of pain.  And that is why we came here.  To find out how and why he had known about them.”  He explains that this is what they are wishing to do, and would like to know why they had him and what they know of the Cybermen attack.  The Terileptils listen to The Corinthian, nodding along, some having to quieten others down who seem to want to voice opinions.  Once finished they talk and mutter with themselves before the spokesperson turns and informs them, how they do not know of such games or the attack on London.  The Terileptil explains how they are there purely to have this planet for themselves, and how the Cybermen are between them and their goal of accomplishing this task.  Of the man they held captive, they explain how he had appeared from where they had not expected, and believed him to be one of their spies, as they do such things, take and use life forms.  So they took him to find out what they could of the Cybermen, but he must have been strong as he claimed to know not of such men as the Cybermen.  He gave them nothing, and had no knowledge of such, or so was his claims.  The Corinthian places his fingers together before him listening, “I believe the man was telling the truth, and this means you were torturing him for nothing.  And due to our mutual parlay, I will not react to such action.  However with you agreement I suggest that I go see this man and have a word with him, find out what he does and does not know on such matters.”  He pauses watching the Terileptils reaction before continuing.  “I will find out and if it is of use to you then I will share this with you.  And if it turns out we have a common enemy, can I count on you to have an alliance to strike out at the Cybermen?”  Again the Terileptils turn and mutter amongst themselves, some agreeing and others not so happy with the idea, but eventually the spokesperson turns and agrees with the suggestion, saying how most of them can see how true his words are to them this time.

One final request is asked by The Corinthian of the Terileptils, he asks if they can take the dead body of the young lady who had helped them escape previously.  They agree to this, instructing him on where the fallen body can be found, sharing they had moved her from the corridor to a room nearby.  However once they arrive at the room, they discover the body gone.  All that remains are the clothes which she was wearing left lying on the floor as if she once wore them and the body just vanished.  The Corinthian takes a closer look seeing that this must have happened, taking out his Sonic Screwdriver for confirmation.  The dead body of the young lady was here, dressed in the clothes, but then the body just dematerialised, leaving the clothes behind.  “How peculiar, and unfortunate that I do not have time to look in to this.”  He takes up her clothes and stows them away on the Tardis.

Back on the Tardis, Jack asks The Corinthian, addressing him as traveller guy, how it all happened as he is getting confused as to who did what and why, feeling that he thought it was the Siberian Men who had the ‘wibbly wobbly’ gateway.  The Corinthian smiles and assures him that it was indeed the maths and art of the Terileptils, and believes how they were not aware of how it had touched and crossed times, allowing the writer through.  “Not everyone is as smart as a Time Lord.”  He tugs on his lapels as he straightens.  Jack still looks confused but accepts the explanation.


The Corinthian does his merry dance around the controls of his Tardis, setting the time and destination.  Also changing the appearance of the craft to match the appearance of an ambulance of the time period.  Upon landing, Jack volunteers an idea, asking if they are going to set another fire?  The Corinthian turns and looks at him, seeing the seriousness of the question and tells him that they will keep that as a plan B, but for now they will walk in as is.

The Corinthian walks straight up to the reception desk, asking to see his friend they had dropped off about ten hours previously.  Well correcting himself by saying friend, but not friend.  The woman behind the desk looks up at him confused repeating ‘to see your friend, not friend, which you dropped off ten hours ago!?’  She asks him puzzled who he is.  The Corinthian pauses thinking, then decides the heck with it and gives his name as The Corinthian.  He then elaborates on the details of what had happened, and how they had come to bring him in, sharing how the man may have believed he was from the 1930s.  He emphasises several times how they are so friendly.  The woman nods along and turns to her screen before her, tapping on the keys and scrolling through the information on the screen.  A startled expression crosses her face, which she quickly tries to hide.  He looks back up at the man before her nervously and taps something in to the console.  The Corinthian asks her if anything is wrong, stretching his neck to try to see what is on the screen.  She swiftly pivots the screen a little from his view, assuring him how nothing is wrong.  She then taps again, but this time tries to distract them by pointing behind them at the waiting area and chairs, suggesting how they can wait over there to see his friend.  The Corinthian turns back to her from the pointed out area and asks if she is in fact lying to him.  Ivan slowly walks back over to the entrance doorway, leaning against the door frame.  Jack feels how much he would have loved to have had that strange device on his person right now, some sort of weapon that will make him feel more prepared for what may happen.  However he remembers how that damn strange traveller man, The Corinthian, had caught him trying to slip the device from the chair to his pocket after the Terileptil meeting.  Instead the guy takes the device back from him and places a bag of Jelly Babies in to his now empty hand, insisting he have one or two.

Jack also takes a walk over to the doorway, walking up to Ivan and offering him a Jelly Baby from the bag that still sits in his pocket.  “I reckon she is calling the militia.  That is what they do when they tell you to go and sit down to wait.”  The Corinthian hears this and turns to the woman behind the desk, “Is this true, are you calling the militia.  Ah, I mean Police, police.  Are you calling the Police?”  The woman looks rather nervous and put upon, trying to ignore him and busy herself with the paperwork on the desk.  Luckily a male doctor soon comes around the corner into the reception area.  The doctor walks up to The Corinthian and asks if everything is okay, or whether he needs any help.  Again he explains why he is there, wishing to see his friend, and finishes by asking if the woman did indeed call the Police.  The doctor stops and asks him why the Police should have been called.

Jack and Ivan on the other hand see two well looked after and buffed hospital porters walking down the corridor towards the reception area, followed in tow by a female doctor.  “See militia.”  Is all that Jack can say.  The Corinthian turns to look, seeing the porters and understanding the statement.  The two porters and female doctor turn and walk up to The Corinthian in the reception area, stopping before him and asking what seems to be the problem, as he appears to be causing difficulties to the staff of the respectable hospital.  Again he tells he how he would like to see the friend/stranger he had brought in earlier.  This time explaining a little more on the oddity of that statement, upon seeing her stern and puzzled expression.  Sharing how he was a stranger to begin with but soon became a friend on the journey to the hospital.  She makes a sound of explained air through he clamped closed mouth and pulls out a pocket screen from her coat pocket.  She then begins to tap and pull across the screen.  Muttering yes and no to herself.  She looks up at him and then over at the two stood at the doorway, then back at the screen nodding.  “So you say you came in ten hours ago?”  The Corinthian just holds up two thumbs in a positive response.  “And what did you say your name was?”

“The Corinthian, with a ‘C’.”

“Well I haven’t got that down on here.”

“Ah, well I didn’t say it before, on account of everything was a bit frantic.  And we were all very confused.”

“And are you confused now?”

“Very much so, but not on that matter.  No.”

“Are you wishing to admit yourself are you?”

“Oh no, no.  We just want to see our friend/stranger, as we feel very responsible for him.”

The two porters separate and stand either side of The Corinthian.

“Is this one of those situations where I have said the wrong thing?”  He then begins a verbal diarrhoea of how harmless he is, even to look at he is nothing and carries no weapons.  “Look we just want to know if he is alright, as we feel responsible for him as we probably saved his life you know.”

“What was his name?”

“Um, Lewis Theobald.”  He gives after a moment’s thought and hesitation.

“Are you sure sir, as this is not what we have here?”

“Ah is this what he said as he was very confused?”

“Are you trying something on sir?”

“Not right now, but I was thinking of getting a new hat….Ah that is not what you meant was it?”

“Oh hold on, I think I may have given you his writer’s name.  This I found out later.  His real name is Howard.  Sorry about the confusion.  I have had a very busy day.”

“So I can see.  Do you wish to spend the night?”

“Oh no, I just would like to see him.  Make sure he is okay.”

“I don’t think that will be a good idea.”

“Well I do.  I am smarter than all of you.”  He interrupts her.

“I think it would not be a good idea to see anyone in this hospital, unless it was to see a doctor.”

“Really!”  He folds his arms across his chest.  “That is very rude of you.”

“Is it?”

“Yes you are saying I am mad.”

“Oh so you accept that.  That is a good first step you know.”

“Right that is it.”  He turns and walks to his companions at the door.  “We are going to plan ‘C’.”  They all walk out and leave the hospital, The Corinthian stomping his feet as he leaves.  The two porters follow them all to the entrance doorway and watch them walk away.  He begins to rave about using a time machine to gain entrance upon the rooftop, muttering how obvious he is mad at such ideas.  Jack trying to calm him and get him to stop talking.

Jack and The Corinthian get in to a little argument about what the next plan of action is.  The Corinthian explaining his, and Jack arguing how it would be better for him to admit himself in to the hospital as a mad man, especially as they already feel that way.

“Oh I see, I didn’t realise you had regenerated in to a male body.”

“What!”  Jack looks even more confused.  “You carry on like that..”  With that The Corinthian stomps off, muttering something about The Administrator as he leaves the Tardis and heads back in to the hospital, raving on about how he is a Time Lord and deserves some respect as he has seen things they can barely imagine.  Another group of hospital porters come upon him and state how he has obviously been drinking.  This just infuriates him even more, so two of the porters grab and arm each and lift him.  “What!  What is it with this man-handling.”

“Look you are disturbing the other patients.”

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean that.”  He calms and answers in a whisper.  “I was only trying to disturb you.”  The three porters escort The Corinthian down the corridors twisting this way and that, before stopping in a wide corridor.  “Now what seems to be the problem?  You are not mad are you?”

“Well that is the problem.  I have been telling everyone that, but they have been calling me mad for trying to see my friend.”

“You want to see your friend?”

“Pretty much.  Yes.”

“And are you mad?”  The Corinthian just shrugs his shoulders to this question.

They discuss how the proper etiquette for a hospital is not such improper behaviour.  At the end The Corinthian feels he has talked to someone who has given him faith back in the Hospital.  Even so much as to go over and hug the guy, but the guy quickly steps back raising his hands warning.  The other two step in close once again.  The Corinthian then asks if he is now allowed to go see his friend, to which the porter informs him that it would not be a good idea in his current agitated state.  To this The Corinthian turns finds a chair and sits down, placing his hands together and calmly muttering serene thoughts to himself, and something about being a Time Lord and better than everyone else.  The two porters give each other a quizzical look.

“Any chance of a cup of tea and a Jammie Dodger?”  The lead porter looks at his colleagues then back down at this strange man.  “Please, come this way.”

“By any chance are you taking me to be duffed up?”

“Excuse me sir, but this is a hospital, a place where we treat the injured, not cause it.  Are you sure you are not a little mad?”

“What is it with today, is everyone trying to be The Administrator.  Fine I will act normal.”  And with that he stands, straightens himself holding his head high.  “Lead the way.”

The lead porter sets off, The Corinthian following, closely attended by the other two porters who keep close to him at either side.  They all walk through some more doors and along corridors before finally coming upon a large set of double doors, which appear to lead to the outside.  The lead porter holds open one of the doors.  “There you go sir.  Now please behave yourself.”

“I can’t help but notice that this doesn’t seem to be where my friend is.”

“I don’t think this is the correct time.”

The Corinthian begrudgedly walks through the door, offering a Jelly Baby as he passes and muttering something about having to resort to his plan as yet another interactive contract is broken.  He tosses a Jelly Baby in to the air and catches it in his mouth, as he marches back and in to the Tardis.  Stating how bad the plan had gone, but now it is his that will be initiated.

The Tardis re-materialises as an ambulance still, but this time on the roof of the hospital, and at the same time, only mere seconds having passed.  Jack is given the disintegrator device, only to be used in an emergency.  And Ivan is in charge of making sure no fights break out, as that need not happen.  As they walk out they see the landing pad for an air-ambulance over to one side.  Coming upon the double doors they find them locked, which The Corinthian soon produces his trusty screwdriver, gives it a twirl and they are soon on the inside of the hospital once more.  Allowing Jack to take the lead and Ivan to bring up the rear at a safe distance.  They head off within the hospital to find Howard as stealthily as they can.

They spend some time sneaking around the upper levels off the hospital, Ivan being a little too noisey behind them.  This encouraging them to pick up the pace.  They eventually come upon an office location with a locked door.  The Corinthian comes up to the door, whips out his device and just as quickly slips it back in again as the door pops open.  Luckily no one is within and they all hurry in, closing the door behind.

After giving the room a quick search they soon come upon the location of where their friend Howard is located.  The Corinthian once again using his wares to circumvent any holds ups that block their way, including to him the archaic computerised systems.  Once the information is gathered they quickly head off once again, now knowing where to head.

The floor upon which they need to be has security cameras scattered about in the corridors.  A few people walking about their daily duties.  Some looking puzzled at these three who are standing at odd poses as they make their way within the floor.  Realising this they quickly stand and act as normal as possible, The Corinthian tucking a document under his arm and making notes as he walks along the corridor.  Jack trying to fit in, but not really knowing how that is supposed to be.  Ivan just joins suit with the others, glad that all this sneaking is over.  They soon make it to the room where Howard is located, entering without incident.

Howard is on the bed and still not looking well.  The bed is nice and plush, but there is a lot of monitoring equipment attached to him.  The signs show that he is alive, but he is very weak.  Jack quickly rushes to the machines, asking what they are doing to him, checking if they are trying to turn him in to a Siberian Man?  The Corinthian assures him that they are only trying to help him and nothing bad is happening.  He then sits himself down and states that he has won he is here now and will wait.  Jack looks nervous and suggests as much.  The Corinthian leans over and pulls the notes from the end of the bed.  The notes state how they have him stable, but the condition is bad.  The cause is unknown, and the illness cannot be reversed.  He is terminally ill and all that can be done is to make is stay comfortable in the hope that he himself can pull through.  There are many blanks on his records such as family name and address, next of kin etc.  The illness is marked down as being a cancer, which was probably made worse by his stay with the Terileptils.

“You know what we need now?”  He pauses, “Is a doctor.”  Jack asks whether the Terileptils could help reverse the situation, but is told no by The Corinthian.  Ivan agrees that from the notes Howard seems to be as well as to be expected considering, probably only has maybe days or weeks left, could be more, could be less.  The Corinthian just holds his head down, realising that he cannot do more and suggests to the others that they should take him home now.  They silently agree.

Finding some uniforms, and being aware that the floor is getting busier, Jack informs the others that they had better move right now, as people seem to be getting suspicious of them.  Carefully, they load up the gurney with Howard.  Jack keeping an eye on the door.  Both Ivan and The Corinthian are dressed in the porter uniforms.  The Corinthian not looking too happy with having to wear this over his finery.  As they leave the room a couple of porters double take a look their way and then begin to walk towards them.  Luckily the porters are coming from the opposite direction.  The Corinthian stops and stands between the porters and his retreating companions.  He even pulls out a piece of paper and tries to distracted them with it.  However the porters are having none of it and look past him seeing their suspicions come true.  As they march passed him, the Corinthian collapses to the floor in a last attempted at distraction, veining a heart attack.  None of which works as the porters ignore him and hurry on.  The Corinthian stands up not too happy, shouting after them, informing them at how inconsiderate and heartless they are.  He marches after them, demanding to have a word with their superiors about their behaviour.

Jack and Ivan hurry on, pushing the gurney with Howard up the corridor and around the corner.  Jack managing to steering the gurney with no problem, while Ivan is having a little difficulty with controlling the rear.  They make it in to an elevator and close the doors just in time as the porters reach the shut doors.  The last they see is The Corinthian chasing after them complaining.  Seeing as he is having no effect, The Corinthian finds the closest fire alarm and triggers it.

Jack and Ivan reach the roof top in time as the alarm rings out a loud noise throughout the hospital.  Howard is looking disturbed by the sound.  The porters head towards the stairway.  The Corinthian seeing this breaks out in to a full run, easily pushing past the porters in the stairs.  One of the porters reaches out to grab him as he sails by, but only manages to hold on to the porter garb, which The Corinthian easily slips from, allowing his full fashion and glory to shine as he races on up the stairs to the roof.

In haste all three hurry in to the Tardis, pushing Howard on the gurney before them.  The porters only just reaching the double doors to the roof.  With a quick glance back over at Howard, The Corinthian breaks out in to his practiced dance across the controls, sending the Tardis back in time once again.


They re-materialise back in Howard’s room at his Aunties house in Providence, at the correct time, give or take a day.  They take Howard out from the Tardis and place him carefully on to his bed, then The Corinthian leaves Jack and Ivan there with Howard while he moves his craft outside, giving how there really is not a lot of room in there with it.  The Corinthian lands the Tardis just outside, changing the appearance to a Police Box and then hurries back to the house.

Realising that they still have the gurney in Howard’s room with them, Ivan hits on an idea and pushes it towards the corner of the room, where it soon vanishes, being pulled in to the dimensional gateway.  And no sooner that was done then they hear the front door being knocked.

At the front door, Howard’s Aunt opens the door to find The Corinthian, or ‘Price’ as he was known to her, standing there.  “Oh you have come to see Howard again have you?  I did wonder what had happened to you.”

“Yes if you would be so kind.  Last time we saw him he did not look so well.”

“Oh well I still haven’t seen him yet.  In fact I do not remember you leaving.”

“Ah well you see my friends stayed with him, while I had to go for a time, work duties you understand.  I am sorry about that.”  She opens the door allowing him entry, sharing her hopes that Howard is alright.  The Corinthian shares his worries with her.

Both The Corinthian and Howard’s Aunt go up the stairs to Howard’s room, his Aunt now teary eyed from the news.  They knock on the door and Jack opens it to find them standing there.  The Aunt quickly steps forward and peers around the door, seeing poor Howard stretched out on his bed.  She gasps and walks forward, Jack stepping out of her way.  She drops to her knees next to Howard, holding his hand and looking back up at The Corinthian, tears in her eyes.  She pleads to know what is wrong with him, believing him to not be this bad the last time she saw him, sharing she knew he was suffering from pain before, but he was never this bad.  The Corinthian looks over at the other two then back down at the Aunt.  He stills himself, swallowing a lump and then clears his throat.  “I have seen this before and I am afraid to say it is Cancer.  It would explain the pains he has had.”

“Poor Howard.  He is so young.”

“I know…”

“But is he going to be alright.  Will he wake up?  Can I talk with him?”

“He can hear you.”  The Aunt cannot hold it back any longer and tears burst from her eyes.  She holds Howard’s hand against her bowed head, muttering through sobs about her poor sister, and how Howard so wanted his writings to touch people.

The Corinthian excuses himself and his companions, wishing to leave her to her nephew.  The Aunt looks up at him, her make up smudges and tears rolling down her cheeks, she licks her dry lips and tries to speak from a dry mouth, but she breaks out in uncontrolled sobs again, turning back to Howard.  Ivan nods and walks out from the house with Jack and The Corinthian.  Leaving the house of sadness, hearing her crying and calling his name, feeling tightness in their hearts.

In silence, the three sullen travellers walk over and enter the out of place looking Police Box.  The Corinthian shares how it had not gone how he had hoped.  He sags down in to a nearby chair and morosely mutters how he could not help Howard, or was unable to find out anymore about the Cybermen.  Couldn’t help the friends of Ivan or the woman who had assisted them, and still a hole in the corner of the room.  Jack ventures in by asking how one would close a hole in a room.  But all The Corinthian can do is wave a hand at him in an off manner muttering how it does not seem so important right now.  Jack turns to Ivan and asks of his friend.  Ivan agrees with the idea that his friend is now lost, upgraded by the Cybermen.  Jack turns back to The Corinthian, suggesting that they had better go back to the lizardy people now he supposed.  The Corinthian just looks up at him, and with a stern and measured voice replies no, sharing how he can’t forget how they had caused this on Howard.  Jack keeps trying to bring the strange traveller man out of his funk, assuring him that the lizaardy people believed Howard to be a spy, and they still need to know about Ivan’s friend.  Not happy but calm, The Corinthian looks at Jack and assures him that he is thinking of what to do next.

After a moment thoughts and silence, The Corinthian chewing over the Cybermen and the Terileptils, he suggests that they had better go back to that planet and see what they can find out.  “I am not going to give up on these mysterious until each one releases its little secrets to me.  Right let’s go.”  He stand up and goes over to his controls, the dance not so flamboyant and carefree this time.  “Are you all still with me.”  He looks to the others.

“Well we haven’t really been with you from the start.”  Ivan states with a slight smile.  The Corinthian returns a slight smile, “Okay then let’s do the time warp again.”

The Tardis and its passengers arrive back on the planet with the Terileptils over twenty-four hours from when they left.  They were unable to land in the exact same spot within the complex, mainly due to the fact that the location has been destroyed and collapsed.  The monitors and sensors on the Tardis is showing many signs of dead bodies scattered about, many within the complex.  From the readings, the Cybermen have been very active, and it appears to have been quite a war that had raged.  The readings also show how the planet has taken quite a hit from the conflict, and for some strange reason, the planet is now adrift in space and heading deeper out away from its axis.  “This doesn’t look good, this is bad.”  The Corinthian states as he looks over the readings.  Doing a wider scan, trying to find any trace of the Terileptils.  However none can be found only dead.  It appears that the Cybermen had the upper hand and won the day.  The Corinthian is sure that the Terileptils created great art and war before dying.  And as he surveys the carnage and all the death and destruction, The Corinthian’s mind wonders on to Howard.  The Tardis picks this up and shows an image it has found, displaying it upon the monitor.  The image is that of a sullen gravestone, weathered but still proud.  There then appears another message awaiting The Corinthian’s attention, again it is singed with an ‘A’.  He opens the message on the display and it reads;

Good job with what ever you have done, for it was a good job.

The home planet of the Cybermen, Mondas, is now adrift in space.


The end….?

The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA)

run by me


The Corinthian – Chris (alcoholandaphorisms)

Companion Ivan – Jason (jymmijamz)

Companion Jack – Will


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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