Another batch of goodies

A little late with this but never mind, it is better late than never as they say, and it has given me a chance to add more additions together in one post.  First off we have a collection of game source books, all for the White Wolf Vampire roleplaying game.  Now the last Thursday before Christmas we didn’t have the usual game session, so two of the guys came over to visit me, have a few drinks and sample some different beverages.   One of the guys had been sorting out his book shelf recently.  Now he was going to be removing these books from his collection and asked me if I was interested, of course I jumped at the chance and told him that I would only be too happy to find his old books a new home.

Next up is two roleplaying games, the same friend had also decided to remove from his collection, and again asked if I was interested.  The first is based on the then popular cult TV series, Farscape.  This rule book uses the D20 system for its mechanics.  The second book is for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, and this book uses the Gurps system, which is included in with the book so that it is self-contained.

I am very thankful to my friend for giving me the option to take his old game books from his hands and add them to mine.  Of course this means I have to find more room at mine, but I could not allow them to go homeless.

Now this next part is from a Kickstarter I backed back in March last year (2013).  (I had given a report on this blog about the Kickstarter.)  Now I am a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos, and show a lot of great ideas in this Kickstarter.  As the Kickstarter progressed there was a lot of goodies being added, all vying for my wallets contents.  I opted for the Limited Edition books with the investigator’s bag, called ‘Print Master Limited Edition investigator’s Kit’.  The two in one, limited edition, leather effect with gold-edged pages, book you see below has both the Investigator’s and Keeper’s books all in one book.  The quality is very good with great colour prints inside, and it feels good in the hand.

And the next picture is of the bag I had with the pledge.  Now this bag is so very good, and looks so sexy.  Again the build quality is very good, and it feels sturdy.  I was rather hoping to have had this before my trip to Japan back in November, but the delay put this back so may be next time.

And here is a picture of the three posters that was in addition to the bag and book.  The posters are of The Secret War map, the cover picture for the Keepers guide book, and a propaganda poster.  Again all are of high quality.

My experience with the company behind the Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter, Modiphius, have been very good, with a lot of updates as to what was happening, news of any delays or any new developments.  All the time adding little and big PDFs to download, dependent on your pledge level.  I can not recommend this company highly enough, and would feel that their next Kickstarter will be a success and of a high quality again.  The parcel containing these goodies came on Christmas eve, but unfortunately I was at work and had to wait until the next working day after the holidays to pick them up, that was a long wait knowing what was in that parcel.  To finish off I have added a couple of pictures showing the acknowledgement pages within the rulebook, highlighting yours truly within the names.

ACthanks ACthanksCloseup

Lastly we arrive at the most recent additions to my gaming collection.  These next two games I had purchased the day before the first weekend of January.  Both of them I had found at a reduced price within the bargain book shop on the high street.  First we have the well-known game called World of Warcraft, but this is their Miniatures game Starter box.  I have included both the front and back of box photographs.  It appears to work along the similar line of Mage Knights/Hero Clix, but with bases you can remove from the figures if you prefer.

And finally we come to the last of the new additions.  This game is called Quest: A time for heroes – Attack of the Orcs.  The box contains two books, one being the rule book, and the other is different adventures you can play.  Now I have not read through the rules so  do not know anything about it, but it appears that you do not have a board as such to play on, there is however a fold out poster map, which from the back of the box, may be the playing area.  You do get plenty of cards and figures all adding to the game.

Well there you are, that is the three additions all in one post finished for your indulgence.  I do hope you enjoy or find it of use these posts, and until next time, have a Happy New Year and game a plenty.  Game on!

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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