Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Kickstarter

On the 28th January 2014, another roleplaying game was launched on the Kickstater site, in the hope of receiving funding to go ahead with the project.  This game is the third edition of a game enjoyed by many people in its previous lives.  Now Modiphius Entertainment is taking charge of the helm on this one, and going by their past experience of running a Kickstarter project, this should be a great success.  Modiphius ran and quickly received funding for the Achtung! Cthulhu roleplaying game, and they managed to reach many stretch goals to boot.  I had even backed this project so was able to speak from experience in saying Modiphius did a very great job and running, and then following up on their promises.  They keep up right up to date with updates to how the project is going, and the final product is of high quality.  All I can say is I have no complaints and would highly recommend these guys (& gals).

Now on to this new Kickstarter they are running, it is for an RPG called Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition.  As of today, (as I write this), the project has only 31 days left to be funded, and as of now they have easily surpassed this and going even higher, reaching for the many stretch goals on offer.  This game is a re-boot of a techno-fantasy sci-fi roleplaying game, and Modiphius are going to re-write and re-design this game to include existing storylines and well as add new material.  They will also include some great art by the likes of Paul Bonner, Peter Bergting and Paolo Parente.  The project will have additional accessories and miniatures added along within the stretch goals.  Six of the stretch goals have already been passed with at least a further five to go.  So all I can say now is to go check out the Kickstarter, and even check out Modiphius Entertainment’s website and see what you think.

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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