Sheet Yourself – Review

Game Type – Table Top Role Playing (RPG/TRPG) Character Sheet creator.

Format – App (iOS & Andriod only)

App Name – Sheet Yourself

Creator – SparkNET

File Size – 43.9MB or 28MB (respectively)

Price – $0.99 (£0.69)

Create and organise your character sheets.  A character sheet generator that works with any system of role-playing game.  And it works.

Get your sheet together with Sheet Yourself!

Let’s face it: character sheets suck. They get lost, damaged, and in some cases eaten. Dump your piles of paper, index cards, and card packs to achieve an extra level of customization: Sheet Yourself.  The ultimate RPG character sheet app that works with all role-playing games, Sheet Yourself allows you to create and edit unlimited character sheets for easier play.

That is their tag line and opening statement, and from what I have seen and tried, I can’t argue with that.  Upon opening the App for the first time you are greeted with an option to view an introduction video.  The video is not over long, and gives a straight forward and simple explanation on to how to use the App.  A very clear video and audio presentation.

The App opens within seconds of clicking on the icon, and if you dismissed the introduction video, or wish to view it again, it is available to watch at any time from the main menu.  The menu is accessed by clicking on the three green horizontal bars near the top left of the screen.  Within here you access all the different types of characteristics of the character sheet.  There are seven option to choose from, with the eighth being the menu, (at the top).  Once in the main menu you have a further eight option to choose from, the first being the tutorial video, the next is where you can share your sheets, then you can rate the App, or view other Apps, then finally three option to connect with the creators on their Facebook, Tweeter, or Website.  The last option is an App info page.

After viewing the introduction video, or if you opted to dismiss, you then come upon the section titled ‘All My Sheets’, this is where you view all the sheets you create.  Sheet Yourself has an example character with separate and linked sheets there for you to view as a further assistance in helping you create your precious character sheet.  There are no templates for different systems, you just simply create them on the fly, and it really is that simple.

For my test I opted for seeing how it would handle putting my Amazing Engine character ‘Charlie Chiung‘ within its format.  I had viewed the tutorial briefly, (without hearing the sound) on the first opening of the App, and then again (with the sound and paying more attention), a day before trying this test.  It took me about one hour from beginning to end to type in my character from this very site’s page in to the App.  It probably took about a further twenty minutes of searching for images to use, and placing within the character.  All done using the same device.

While I was creating my character sheet for Charlie Chiung, I added an extra option of Skills to the characteristics menu.  There are no pictures for you to use within the App, but it allows you to either take a picture with the built-in camera on your device, or use an image from your photo gallery. (Hence why I decided to try a third, (the images saved to a gallery I could choose from.))

Once you are happy with your newly created character sheet, you can then link all the created items together on one character sheet, and share with other people.  The share option opens an email client with a drafted message and links, so if the person does not have an App then they can easily go straight to a download.  unfortunately this is the only way to view a shared character sheet, by opening it in the App on either of the available devices.  (This I could not try.)  I feel that there is a missed opportunity here, as only people with the App can view the sheets, and as I can understand the reasoning behind it, surely having a view only, free App that you could download to your computer, so others can at least view the lovely looking created character sheet.  Or even have it so that there is an option where it shares a ready-made sheet viewable within a PDF reader.

But overall I believe that this is a very good character sheet App, that is very easy to use, and makes your characters look great.  The sheets are easy to read.  See below the images of the character sheet I made from Charlie Chiung, along with the character that comes within the App (last two).

Sheet Yourself 01 Sheet Yourself 02 Sheet Yourself 03 Sheet Yourself 04 Sheet Yourself 05

Sheet Yourself 06Sheet Yourself 07


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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