Tribe 8 resource – Factions of interest



Boarhead Tribe

Leader – Spiritwalker (Hates Dhalians – Especially Lady Quinn who had tortured him previously when he was still a Dhalian.)

The Boarheads under Spiritwalker are a large tribe. Currently subsuming other tribes (often by force).

  • May be a good ally and weapon, if they could be directed.
  • Could add support to other tribes to slow this tribes growth.
  • Currently trapped by the river, but if they manage to cross it, they could be a force to be reckoned with.


Invader Tribe

Leader – Jarg Pa

Their Representative – Besanti Janti of Madaline

(Does not really like the fallen. But is pragmatic enough to work with them, if the need arises.)

  • The Invader tribe are the main opposition to the Boarhead Tribe.
  • They are quite a brutal tribe.



A lone warrior – Shar’Dar

Shar’Dar is a large, heavily scared man who followed and observed the players for a while, before finally making contact.  He welds a rather large threatening axe.

  • Lives in what is basically hole in the ground.
  • Nasty piece of work, but will work with us. If it suits him.


Under Hom


Criminal Group (Working in the under Hom)

Named members:-

Spider – Psychopath.

Olaf – A large man (seen lugging crates).

Rat Girl – Young, seems able to communicate with rats.

The criminals run all aspects of crime in Hom, including smuggling of both goods and people.  And believe themselves to be most powerful.

  • Have dealings with the unusual entities dwelling in the under Hom.
  • Deal directly with a technologically advanced group, called The Keepers.
  • Using either force or intimidation the players could work with or use the criminals.


The Keepers

Technologically Advances (Compared to other groups).

Known members:-

Tinker (Brother of Tailor (dead)) – Is currently friendly

This paranoid group does not follow the Fatima’s and do not believe in the dream.

  • They currently do not trust the players.
  • Are under attack from all sides?
  • The keepers tech is running out, so if a new stash could be found, it would greatly help with any dealings with them.
  • To go against them will be tricky, as they know the under-Hom tunnels very well.  A thorough reconnoitre of the tunnels before trying anything.




Hom Spying Ring

Spy Master is a man called Barber.  He is suspicious of Lady Quinn (think the task he gave was a test of loyalty).

  • Very well connected.
  • Good smuggler.
  • Could feed information and jobs.
  • To bring the ring down or take it over, will  mean having to take Banner down first.


The Guides  (They are seen as Fatima Killers.)

Den Hades – Took the players through the dream quest.  (Can take or leave them.)

Halos – Physically ill, but likes the players.

Both seem to have a strange link with the spirit magic. Not linked in the same way as the players.



Ferris – Seems to like the players, but is killing people at random.

Paprika – Was attacked by the Spider.  Gave the players food & shelter due to Alderush helping her out, but she no longer can.


Free roaming groups


Crescent Chasers

Known members:-

Kardo Lex Shi’on

Misavi Mad’on

Laya Kodo

Marko Dan of the Tinkers

They are investigating strange deaths, following omens and portents. Came to Bhry’s village and took her strange object. (NASA?) Most of them are honorable.

  • Could be used as a loose ally.
  • Could be played against each other.
  • Using false information they could be lead in to danger.
  • They may know a lot about what the players are looking for.


The Hidden Dancers

Leader – Troika of the bone path (Prodigy of Lady Quinn).

Operative on Hom – Tarnel

  • Highly capable spy ring (Throughout the known world).
  • Their goals may not match the players goals.
  • Could try to use this group to damage spy rings on or around Hom.


A mysterious faction

Don’t know much about them, but they appear to be under investigation by the Terrashivans. They have killed one person that is known of.

  • If the players could get them on their side, they could attack people in their dreams.
  • Feeding information to the Terrashivans, could be used as a way of removing this threat.


Daemon Seekers.

Again, little is known of this group, only having come across one of them.

Julius – Daemon Seeker of Babyaga.

  • Distrust the fallen.
  • Seek out Zabri tainted.


Misc Factions/People


Jakers  – Warriors who wish to fight the Zabri.

Mek – Is a Jaker who is friendly towards the players.


Doomsayers – A group of people looking into the teachings of Joshua.

Verker the Wriath – Is a well respected Doomsayer.


Herites – Want to strike back at the tribes.


Lightbringers – Want to unite the tribes.

Daious – Flirty, shaven headed man.

Kymber River – She was an Evan (Currently trying to scavenge supplies).

Hall Ninver – A well connected person.  She offered to accompany the players. (Seems to like them.)

3 thoughts on “Tribe 8 resource – Factions of interest

    • Yeah our GM likes to takes part from here and there, mix things up and not always keep things the way they are meant to be. So spellings of names are the least of the worry for him.
      Glad you enjoyed the post.

    • Just saw this. As the GM of the campaign I am dipping in and out of the metaplot – some times keeping quite close, other bits just ditching or adapting. If I see a chance to use a pre established character over what is listed in the metaplot I will grab it. My official view on names, is that in Tribe 8 culture, official written spellings of names are probably shot anyway – so the players should use whatever sounds right to them. Plus it saves me spelling names out all the time 🙂

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