Corporia RPG – Review

Game type – Roleplaying (RPG/TRPG) (paper & pencil)

Format – PDF (45.3mb) (Reviewed) & Print version available

Book Title – Corporia

System – GRAIL

Author – Mark Plemmons (Brabblemark Press) 2013

Page Count – 211

Full Colour printing with full colour photographs used throughout.

Price (as of todays date) – $9.99 (download) or Print for $40.

The world is slipping into chaos – and it’s all your fault.
As a new Knight of the Round Table in a regimented corporate metropolis, your mission should be clear-cut: fight for justice, bring freedom to wage-enslaved citizens and restore the ideals of chivalry and honor. Unfortunately, the rebirth of the knights also awakened the old magics—the primeval forces that once ruled the ancient times but dwindled and vanished with the rise of science. Now you struggle to hold the line between the forces of Order and Chaos, each striving to control the other. Your benefactor, corporate CEO and reborn knight Sir Lancelot du Lac, provides the means to combat the obvious threats, but there are other challenging dilemmas to resolve.
Will you ally with rival corporate security forces to face off against magical threats – or is getting in bed with the enemy too far down the path of corruption?
Can you risk allowing a monster to live – even if an innocent human may lie beneath its horrific shape? Can you trust that your allies are not fallen knights, corrupted to throw in with the corporations or forces of Chaos? Can you fully support Lancelot in his role of a corporate CEO and assist him in taking morally ambiguous actions to maintain his power base – or will you take a stand and weaken him in the eyes of the other ruling corporations?

May I start by saying what a great, simple, and straight forward roleplaying book this was to read.  Mark put thought in to how his readers would take in the information, and he put in suggestions on how best to view, and use his digital book.  There were no long complicated explanations or rules on how to do anything, it was all laid out simply.  It was easy to follow on how to run or govern any rules that are needed in play.  And Mark made it clear that it was all there for you to use as you needed, to play his game the way you wanted.

Initially it may seem an odd world that is spread before you.  A world where the knights of the round have or are about to return, where the magicks of old are once again returning.  All this set in with the mega corporations of the huge cities, where the corporation is the boss and even govern the rules of the city, supplying the police force for their district.

At first I found it an odd choice of using real photographs for the images throughout the book, but it really gives it that corporate look and feel, even going as far as making some of the sections in the book seem like business literature and documents.  The book really was a joy to read, and I found reading the rules a breeze, with no having to pause to think on what information was given.  Everything explained in the book worked without having to re-read anything.

The setting and ideas may seem a little odd at first to some, but after reading the book, I felt that it was given plenty of thought, and would work really well.  A roleplaying game for any fans of others such as the Cyberpunk/Shadowrun games etc., or enjoyed watching sci-fi programmes like Touchwood or Angel etc.

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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