Tony Sparks


Tony Sparks – FBI Special Agent

Stands six feet tall with broad shoulders, and square jawed, smart short black hair, with small sideburns partially down front of his ears, and has no facial hair, very clean shaven.

Always wears smart dark suits, but has always got the top button undone on the white shirt above a loose dark tie.  Even when he sometimes wears casual clothes they are of the smart shirt type.  All of it very clean and pressed.

He spends time daily when able, going to the shooting range, using and talking guns.  Quiet, but will speak his mind and not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Age: 29


Strength: 12

Constitution: 16

Power: 9

Dexterity: 9

Appearance: 8

Size: 11

Intelligence: 14

Education: 12

Idea: 70


Knowledge: 60

Sanity: 45

Damage Bonus +0

Hit Points: 14

Sanity Points: 45 43

Magic Points: 9


Handgun: 70%

Sub Machine Gun : 40%

Spot Hidden: 70%

Martial Arts: 40%

Law: 30%

Listen: 50%

Drive Auto 40%

Dodge 48%

Fast Talk: 36%

Library Use: 35%

Hide: 40%

Conceal 35%

Punch: 50% 1d3 Damage

Grapple 25% Special

Headbutt 10% 1d4 Damage

Kick 45% 1d6 damage

Kevlar armour – 5


Glock Model 17: 9mm Rate Of Fire 2 : Capacity 17+1 Range 15 Yards : Malfunction 98%

MP5 SMG: Rate Of Fire 2: Capacity: 32 :Full Auto: Rang 20 Yards: Malfunction 98

9mm Damage: 1d10 (clips smg, 1 clip pistol AP, 1 clip pistol HP)

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