George Winston


Player – Jason

Name/ Age/ Profession.


George Winston/ 45/ MI5 agent.



Strength 4

Dexterity 2 Life points 42 (-9)

Constitution 4 Endurance 41

Intelligence 3 Speed 12

Perception 3 Essence 20

Willpower 4



Brawling +4

Buraucracy +1

Dodge +2

Drive, car +2

Electronic Surreillance +2

First Aid +3

Hand Gun +3

Humanities, Law +4

Investigation +1

Intimidation +1

Questioning +4

Surveillance +5

Writing,Reports +3



Basic ESP

Influence (Law Enforcement), 1

Influence (Intelligence), 1

Military Rank (Army Captain)

Resources (Middle Class)

Status, 1

Obligation (Extreme)

Psychic Link (to his boss)



Base Clearance

Forensic Laboratory Analysis


Quantico Training Facility


9mm Pistol: Dam D6x4 / Ammo 7+1 (1)




George joined the army after leaving university and was recruited into MI5 soon after that.

His work in the intelligence community mostly involved investigating crimes that the police were not equipped to handle, weather drugs trafficking, money laundering, or terrorism. When this work took him into dangerous situations, all precaution were taken, but here is no accounting for a cornered criminal with a knife. Ten years ago, Captain Winston woke up in hospital. A drugs bust had gone bad and he had been injured. The doctors said that the wound could have killed him and it was a miracle that he was alive. The man who had stayed with him until an ambulance arrived was his direct superior, Tim Jenkins. They had never had much of a connection until then, but ever since that day, both of them had an instinctive knowledge of the other’s condition.

Two years later Captain George Winston was recruited for a secretive international organisation called ‘Aegis’. It’s roll is to study Paranormal Phenomena and defend the population against them.

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