Kel Dul-Varr


Assassin (Concept)

Thrillseeker! (Nature)

Night (Caste)

Born to a poor family, living close to the poverty line. On the great isle of Emerald Island, in the city of The Imperial City.

Growing up having to live on the streets, and be able to look after myself.  It also taught me how to be sneaky!

An old man (to me he was an old man), took pity on me after watching me get beat severely in a fight.  So he took me in, bandaged me up, and talked to me about my situation.

He ended up becoming like a father figure to me, he taught me how to fight, and fight properly.  All this flash martial arts, and stealth attacks.

One day whilst I was out the back a Dragon Blood came in and killed the old man, my second father, my sensei.  The Dragon Blood was calling him an Exalted SCUM, but luckily he hadn’t spotted me in the shadows, watching, listening, waiting…

I creeped up behind him, and hit him, hit him hard on the back of the head, and ran off with a bundle he had on his back.  I felt a kind of thrill from it!  I later discovered this man wasn’t a Dragon Blood but one of their lackeys, they do not like to dirty their hands.  (The cowards!).

This was when I found that I was different from others, as if I was chosen/told to be something.  I was always being told that Dragon Bloods were chosen, and that the Exalted were evil, I was taught to hate, but at the last minute I had learnt to love.

I found a mask in his bundle, which I kept as a souvenir, a trophy, but not a lot else of use, some money (soon spent).

Later I discovered the mask to be an artifact.

So now I use the mask to steal things (does not matter what, but of importance) from the rich, whilst wearing the Mask, making my appearance to resemble a known Dragon Blood, to try to blacken their name!

On one of my stealing raids I had found another lucky find, a Manse, I don’t think the owner knew what it was or how to use it, but I soon found out!

I know that I am a marked man, someone to be hunted by the bloody Dragon Bloods, one day…. I look forward to it….  The thrill of the chase, the hunt.  But who’s the mouse, and who’s the cat?

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