Characters used (by name)

A list of previously used characters in games

Here you will find most of my previous gaming player characters (PCs) that I have used over the years, along with the state they were left in and which gaming systems they played in.  I will add more as and when I use them, and hope that you may find them of use, or of interest to read and take a look at.  I am also beginning to add some other players characters too, so these will be added as and when I receive them.  Clicking the name will send you to a page with all the details.

The following list is in an alphabetical order by character name, but if you would prefer a list by game system then please go here instead.

UPDATED 16th October 2013

Albert Conway – Alive – Godlike

Alex Hack – Unknown – Wushu Open

Agent Murphey – Dead – Unknown Armies

Angela Erhellen – Alive – Over the Edge

Anu – Alive – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Ed.)

Ben Windtalker – Alive – Werewolf the Forsaken

Bradley Stokes – Alive – Hunter the Reckoning

Brendan Woodowski – Died – Delta Green

Bruce NDL 1 – Alive (clone 2) – Paranoia

Charlie Chiung – Alive – Amazing Engine (Bughunters)

Chie Ti Chung – Alive – Hong Kong Action Theatre

Christine – Alive – Vampire

Daniel – Alive – Unknown Armies

Dave Red – Alive (clone 6) – Paranoia

Denis Largo – Alive – Unknown Armies

Derek – Alive – Shadowrun

Dutch Seawalker – Alive – Werewolf the Forsaken

Frank Tomlin – Dead – Delta Green

Geoff-R-HXE-2 – Alive (clone 2) – Paranoia

George Winston – Alive – Conspiracy X

Hans Lokisson – Alive – Only War

Herbert Crowley – Dead – Unknown Armies

Jack Norris – Dead – Delta Green

Jacque Chien – Alive – Palladium

James Lawton – Alive – The Adventure

Janus – Alive – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Ed.)

Jim Sunderland – Alive – Gumshoe

Karl Malden – Alive – Gumshoe

Kel Dul-Varr – Died – Exalted

Lucius Banner – Alive – Unknown Armies & Over the Edge

Micheal Deriks-Wood – Dead – Unknown Armies

Ned – Alive – SLA Industries

Nobunaga Satome – Died – Exalted

Phillip Scott – Alive – Godlike

Ray Winters – Alive – Conspiracy X

Richard Moore – Alive – Palladium

Robin Boyden – Alive – Heavy Gear

Ronald King – Dead – Unknown Armies

Shaun Thomusson – Alive – Feng Shui

Sirse – Alive – Over the Edge

Sofia Lark – Alive – Homebrew diceless

Tanaka – Alive – Mummy the Resurrection

Terry Malloy – Alive – Palladium

Thomas Wellington – Alive – Godlike

Tony Sparks – Alive – Delta Green

Tramlin – Alive – Crimson Empire

I will add more characters from games going back a lot more years in the past, and even add the full stats for the Exalted characters.

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