Ray Winters


Name – Ray Winters

Age – 30

Career – Art Thief.
Type – Heroic.

Strength    3
Dexterity    5    Life points    42
Constitution    3    Endurance    35
Intelligence    3    Speed        14
Perception    4    Essence        20
Willpower    2

Brawl            +3
Bureacracy        +1
Climbing        +3
Dodge            +2
Drive, Car        +3
Fine Arts, paintings    +2
Guns, Hand gun        +1
Haggling        +1
Language, Italian    +3
Lock Picking        +5
Notice            +4
Stealth            +5
Streetwise        +2

Covertous, influence (Serious)
Lucky,            3
Influence, Criminal     2
False Identity
Resources, Middle Class
Status            3
Adversary, Law Enforement
Secret, Criminal
Basic ESP

Pulling Strings
Chop Shop
Criminal Resources
Funding            2
Safe House


Ray Winters is a highly placed criminal and arts thief.
Taking commission for ‘items’ stolen to order.
Ray is an expert at acquiring these pieces and makes a tidy living from the proceeds.
Three years ago a Tibetan scroll disappeared from a London museum.
This parchment described some ancient gods that his clients were curiously interested in.
As an extra reward for his services, and because they were impressed by his skills, these business-suits
offered him a contract with their organisation. The organisation was called Aegis.

Concept by NightUlf - Pre-generated by Will

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