Albert Conway


Player – Jason

Name: Albert Conway

Development Sentence: A boxer who joined up before the war because his ‘talent’ disqualified him from prize fighting.

Motivation: A career soldier chasing loot and glory.

Stats and skills…

Body         3
Mind         2
Boxing         3
Survival         2
Endurance     3
Tactics         2
Running         1

Coordination     1
Empathy     2
Pistol         1
Bluff         2
Dodge         1
Performance     1
Command     2
Sense         2
Inspire         2
Intimidate     2

Talent Power:        Lightening Punch. (4D10, 2HD)

Description: As long as you are concentrating, you can punch through plate metal, punch rifles in half. Can you punch bullets out of the air? I doubt it, but if you’re getting shot at anyway…

Pre-Gen by Will

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