UPDATED – 28th January 2014

The hope is for this blog to cover my time gaming, sharing my experience of the game, the joys and the pitfalls.  And to give an account of the evenings game session, written as a story.  There is a hope to one day, be able to bring our mammoth Exalted campaign to light, which ran for over two years, but we are having problems bringing all the details together and piecing all the fragmented memories in to some semblance of order.  There ia also a Mummy game that we had fun with and ran for about a year which would be good to see written down, but again this is not taking priority.  So maybe one day something of these will come to light, but for now all I can share on this is the characters I used in these games, which you will find listed in this blog with all the others I have used in various other game sessions and systems.  Find here.

The idea came about due to commitments and current personal situation, our weekly RPG meet up and game fell through, and it was suggested to try to keep something going over Skype and to use Google Wave.  Unfortunately since the beginning of 2012, Google Wave was no more, so we had to find another way to game with an online dice roller.  We did get in on Google+ and had considered seeing how this can manage our needs, but at the time we had not been able to use Google+ as we could not find a dice roller on there.  So at that time we tried out a few different sites and online dice rollers.  (UPDATE) However for a long time now we have been using a site called Roll20 Virtual Tabletop for our gaming dice roller, and it has been very useful, so  this is the place where we game on the web on a regular basis.

The thought was that I could share this and see what others think and feel?  Chart our gaming time on the information highway, see where it takes us.  You can also follow us on Twitter, where during the game I try to post an update as to what is happening, without giving too much away so that you will still be able to enjoy the write-up, (Usually within a week).  And you can also find us on Facebook too, and sometimes there are things added on there that do not appear on this blog, but it is all part of a whole.

As for me, I have been a big gamer for a very long time (in fact most of my life), whether it be playing board/card games, getting together with mates on a regular basis adventuring (RPG/TRPG), or gaming on a console/PC.  There are hopes that this blog can also cater for anything related to the Tabletop Role Play Gamer, or stuff that is associated with it.

There is also a contributor to this blog who I game with, and he also games with a different group, so we decided to add the stories from those sessions to this blog too.  You can check out his (alcoholandaphorisms) introduction here.  Sometimes Chris (alcoholandaphorisms) has also done the write-up for the sessions I am in, along with another newer contributor to the write-ups, Jason (jymmijamz).  Many thanks to them for helping out with these tasks.

So enjoy and lets see where this takes us.  🙂

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