Angela Erhellen


Apparent Age: 27

Concept: Angel undercover on earth.

Central Trait: Angel: 2 Dice You’ve not fully explored really, possibly winged flight, making evil doers cower, glowing.  Hard to tell until you try.  It’s never discreet though. (No genitals. Mildly more easily noticeable, walks just under a millimeter above the ground).

Side Trait: Swords: 3 Dice You are very good with swords, there’s something comforting if you cover them with lighter fluid and ignite it for some reason. (charring marks on palm of hand)

Side Trait: Calming: 3 Dice Can talk down most people. (Always seems to have a serene inner glow)

Flaw: Speaker of Tongues: (babbles incoherently at inappropriate time)

Hit Points: 21 Points

Experience: 1 Dice

Motivation: To find another angel like yourself on Earth, and Al Amarja’s the most likely place.

Secret: Angel.

Important Person: Father Jack back in Ireland, the only person you told your nature to.

Heard that there may be something of interest at The Temple of the Devine Experience, something was found but the president  D’aubainne police force has put it on hold.

Pre-generated by Chris

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