MUMMY the Resurrection

Name – Tanaka
Age – 23
Sub Culture – Boy Racer
Concept – Show off. Reckless
Virtue – Hope (doing the race etc.)
Vice – Envy
Faction – Tomb Watchers

Intelligence – oo
Wits – ooo
Resolve – oo
Strength – o
Dexterity – ooo
Stamina – oo
Presence – oo
Manipulation – ooo
Composure – ooo

Academics – oo
Computer – oo
Crafts (Mechanic) – oooo
(Tune-up – o)
Investigation – o
Medicine – oo
Occult – oo
Science – oo
Athletics – oo
Brawl – o
(Disarm – oo)
Drive – ooo
(Car – o)
Larceny – o
Stealth – o
Survival – o
Expression – o
Persuasion – o
Socialize – oo
Streetwise – ooo
(Underground racing – 0)

Direction Sense – o
Fast Reflex – o
Allies (police) – o
Contacts (Street racing gang) – o
Language (Japanese) – o
Tomb – oo

Health – ooooooo/6
Willpower – ooooo
Balance – 3
Each turn roll balance & success goes to defense

Experience – 1
(Total gained – 126)

Size – 5
Speed – 9
Initiative Mod – 7
Defense – 3

Sucum – ooo

Machette (Knife) – 2L Dam +2 Acc

Mobile Phone
Bumbag with rations
Damaged Leathers (1 Bashing)

Active Spells
Alchemy – ooo
Drink of 7 days rest. (p84)
Blood of the snake. (p85)
Tears of Isis. (p87)

Spells cast upon self
Death sight
Life sight

Amulet – ooo
Wood Ward (p92)
Scarab of life (p94)
Metal Ward (p94)
Cloud Walk (p93)
Less Talisman (p93)
(Strength & Resolve)
Less Talisman (p93)
(Dexterity & Composure)
Eye of Horus (p94) LOST
Eye of the horizon (p92)
Wrapping of Imhotep (p95)
Pray of Aken (p93)
Ashen Shroud (p92)

Enchanted Items;
Scarab Amulet of life x 1
Potion Tears of Isis x 2 (with 1x sucum)
Wood Amulet
Metal Ward Amulet
Cloud Walk Amulet
Strength Amulet
Dex Amulet
Eye of Horus Amulet LOST


Tanaka was born in Japan, and lived there until his 5th year when his father got a promotion to head up the new factory that was built in England.
His father worked for a car manufacturer, the company was Mitsubishi.
His mother was a typical Japanese housewife while living in Japan, but they all had to re-adjust when they moved to England.
His mother worked part-time in a flower shop.

Tanaka was brought up around cars, what with his dad being in the industry.  He had a fascination with automobiles, but wanted more of a hands on approach compared to his father, who was a suit.
In his teen years he studied and learned everything he could about cars, and the other students in his school expected him to be a great driver, and could drift race cars.  (Being that he was Japanese, and that was where it originated from.)

He would hang out at night with an underground car gang, street racing, talking cars, and tinkering with them.
Also he was getting known for pushing himself a bit too much and would try different things with the cars and his driving.
Behind his back they would talk about him being reckless, and had no sense of danger, or care for his own life.
His girlfriend who loved him dearly told him once about his attitude and his love for cars more than her.  Their relationship ended, but she still loved him, and wished that he would come to his senses.
Her name was Lisa, and she was 2 years younger than him, long blonde hair down to her shoulders, about average build with a full pair of breasts.

On one fateful night he was racing on a notorious road, that was known for its corners, and he was showing off, and trying to prove himself, mastering the drift and took the lead, but on the next corner he hit a drain cover that was wet and lost traction which was all he needed to lose control and go over the edge.
He crashed the car and was very badly injured, the car smashed into bits and burst into flames, but by the time he was taken to hospital he had died.

Since his death, which gave him a very surreal, and painful experience.  Like being reborn, and put back in the real world at the point of death.  But whilst dead, had a full exchange with ‘beings/gods’ of an Egyptian persuasion.
He was judged, a painful process, and deemed fit to be reborn.  The only problem with this was that he had an ancient god/spirit attached to his soul.

The spirit that clawed and wrapped itself around his soul saw fit that Tanaka was too reckless, and needed to be shown the errors of his ways, and challenged him at such reckless conjectures.

With this new enlightenment Tanaka slowly saw a glimmer of what had happened to himself, and the way he treated the one person that really cared and loved him, and how he treated her.  Also how low his thoughts were of his own life.

He now wants to set things right with her, and try to make her life better.  Knowing that he could never be with her again, as much as that would make him very happy, he resigned to fate the fact that this will never happen.
And to try to steer his life on a more peaceful existence.  If he can focus, and change his ways.
Help were possible with his experience and knowledge?  Somehow!

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