Ben Windtalker


Player – Jason

Ben Windtalker

CONCEPT – Voice to the worlds, both of mainland and the spirit world. Walks in both the world of technology and the spirit.
AUSPICE – Ithaeur: The Crescent Moon; The master of the secret ways.
TRIBE – Iron Masters: Those who master the urban jungle.
BAN – Honour your territory in all things.

Strength        2
Stamina        2
Dexterity        3
Presence        2
Manipulation    2
Composure    2
Intelligence    3
Wits        4
Resolve        1

Academics    1
Computer        4
Investigation    2
Occult        5
Weaponry        2
Stealth        3
Drive        1
Firearms        1
Empathy        2
Subterfuge    2

Wisdom        2
Cunning        1
Essence        7
Harmony        7
Primal Urge    2

Two world eyes p104
Read Spirits p104
Left Handed Spanner p142

Health 7/7
Willpower 3/3
Initiative 6
Size 5
Defence 3
Speed 10

Description – A slim Caucasion man in a bright Hawaiian shirt and loose slacks. As happy in any environment, and hard to spook. Somewhat of a smart arse.
Carries a Glock 17 pistol.

Pre-Gen by Chris

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