Bradley Stokes

HUNTER the Reckoning

Name – ‘Brad’ Bradley Stokes
Username – tzu_han51
Nature – Tradionalist
Demeanor – Autocrat
Concept – Librarian
Primary Virtue – Zeal
Creed – Judge


  • Strength – ooo
  • Dexterity – oooo
  • Stamina – oooo


  • Charisma – oo
  • Manipulation – o
  • Appearance – ooo


  • Perception – ooo
  • Intelligence – oo
  • Wits – oo


  • Alertness – oo
  • Athletics – oo
  • Awareness – oo
  • Brawl – o
  • Dodge – oo
  • Empathy – o
  • Intuition – o
  • Subterfuge – o


  • Crafts (Mechanic) – o
  • Drive (Car) – ooo
  • Melee – oo
  • Survival – o
  • Technology – o


  • Computer – o
  • Investigation – o
  • Linguistics (Cantonese) – o
  • Medicine – oo
  • Occult – o
  • Research – o


  • Destiny – o
  • Mentor – o
  • Resourch – ooo
  • Bystander – o
  • Library – ooo


  • Discern Judge (see dead) – o
  • Ward Defence (protective shield) – o

Zeal – 3

Conviction – ooo
To see dead as are and to protect mind.

Willpower – oooooo

Experience – 4

Contacts on ‘net’ – Watcher13 & Mechanic61


A quiet person who keeps himself to himself.  He takes time to build up a friendship with someone,
and only then to a very close friend will he fully open up.  (And only then sometimes.)
He doesn’t socialise a lot.  Nor does he smoke, and only drinks sometimes, mostly when socialising.
Brad is a tidy and organised guy, who has some little light routines in his daily life/ work life.
He keeps his work and private life seperate.

Brad feels that he is not an attractive person to the opposite sex, but is always friendly.
At college he studied basic medicine.  And he enjoys his music, mostly classic rock music to loose himself in,
or some oriental world music to relax and meditate to.
He doesn’t watch a lot of TV, and only occasionally watches some movies.

Two evenings a week he goes to and studies the Martial Arts, for the skills and culture, plus the fitness side of the arts.
Some weekends he likes to go out to the countryside, to camp out and remove himself from the hecktic world around him, to live by his wits.
However at other weekends he spends his time slowly restoring his old 80s Triumph motorbike.

His appartment decor is minimalistic (almost Zen ish!), and is of a modest size and looks.
With his spending he doesn’t go overboard, or go flashing his cash or showing off.
And he owns a five year old Nissan Primera car.
When his parents died, (while he was only seventeen),  they left him the family house and money.
He sold the house and bought himself an appartment, while the rest of the money went in to savings.

Age – 29
Height – 5’11”
Weight – 12stone
Eyes – Black
Hair – Black shoulder length
Other features – Has a body scar accross his chest (white line), from a attack in a petrol station some years back.
Clothing – Wears pale colours and blacks.  Loose fitting trousers and tops. T-shirts are of plain design, no logos or branding.
Has no tattoos or wear any jewelry or body jewlery.

Family and friends;
He has no children, brothers or sisters.
Both his parents are dead.
He has a girlfriend called Sally Carter.
Three close friends called Lisa Worth, Ryan Jones, and Mike Major.
Three other friends/aquaintents called Jules Housmann, Tom Cummins, and Mandy Robbins.
At work he is just friendly towards the others there, only seeing them at work, and maybe sometimes going for a bit to eat after work with them.


Sally Carter
Brad’s girlfriend for eleven months, and a very good friend.
Age – 26
Height – 5’5″
Eyes – Blue
Hair – Originally blonde but is now died black, and is long down to the middle of her back.
She is a full shapily bodied young woman, but not fat.
She is quiet and likes to wear goth type clothes, but not heavily in to the goth scene.
Sally lives on the opposite side of the city to Brad.
Brad had met her when she worked at the library, but now she works for an independant music store.

Lisa Worth (Close work friend)
Age – 30
Eyes- Green
Hair – Mousy blonde hair. Shoulder length but always tied up
She wears glasses and secretly fancies Brad, to which he has not noticed.
Lisa also worked at the library when Brad and Sally met, and she didn’t like it too much that they connected.
She got a little funny at that time about the situation, but quickly hid her feelings before anyone would notice her true feelings.

Mike Major
Mike is an old school friend.
He is an out going guy, but not a big-headed person, and is a friendly guy.

Ryan Jones
Brad had met him at the Martial Arts class, and they just hit it off with having similar beliefs.

Jules Housmann
He had met Brad at College and are friends with Tom too.

Tom Cummins
He had met Brad at College like Jules and all three are friends.

Mandy Robbins
She is an old flame of Brad’s from school.
They have kept friendly since then and leaving school.

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