Dutch Seawalker

WEREWOLF the Forsaken

Name: Dutch Seawalker

Concept: A modern day pirate, and best boss in the world.

Auspice: Elodoth- The Half Moon, The judge and walker between ways.

Tribe: Hunter In Darkness: He who walks alone in the wild places.

Ban: Let No Sacred Place In Your Territory Be Violated.


Strength 3,            Stamina 3,                     Dexterity 2

Presence 4,            Manipulation 1,            Composure 2

Intelligence 2,            Wits 2,                         Resolve 2.


Drive3 (Boat+1)             Firearms 1,       Brawl 4(Garou Form +1),

Survival 2 (Sea +1),            Athletics 1

Intimidation 3,             Persuasion 3,             Socialise 1

Investigate 3,                Occult 2


Honour 2,             Purity 1

7 Essence,             7 Harmony,             Primal Urge 2

1          SPENT


Gains +2 dice to empathy, expression, persuasion and politics when dealing with spirits.

Call Fire: (p111),             Scent Beneath the Surface (p120),             Snarl Of Command (p120).

Calculated Stats:

Health 8/8             Willpower 4/4

Wounds –             Spent –

Initiative +4,            Size 5,             Defence 2,      Speed 10


A large, tall and broad, African American man dressed in combat fatigues and a loose combat jacket, his bare chest exposed showing scares and tattoos. Friendly in tone, even when being utterly ruthless. Alpha of the pack. Carries a large six shooter pistol and is head of the speedboat used as base of operations.

Pre-generated by Chris

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