Frank Tomlin


Frank Tomlin

Delta Force

Strength: 15
Constitution: 10
Power: 7
Dexterity: 10
Appearance: 9
Size: 15
Intelligence: 16
Education: 11

Idea: 80
Luck: 35
Knowledge: 55
Sanity: 35

Damage Bonus (30) +1d4

Hit Points: (13) 0  D E A D
Sanity Points: (35) 24
Magic Points: 7

kevlar armour – 8

Age: 28


Climb  –  45%
Conceal  –  15%
Hide  –  20%
Listen  –  30%
Sneak  –  20%
Spot Hidden  –  55%
Demolition  –  40%
Navigate Land  –  35%
Swim  –  30%
Throw  –  30%
Computer Use: –  35%
Dodge –  30%
Library Use: –  70%
Conceal –  20%
Track  –  20%
American English Language: –  55%

Martial Arts  –  40%
Punch:  –  60%
Grapple –  30%
Headbutt –  20%
Kick –  30%
Knife  –  30%
Hand Gun  – 60%
Rifle  –  60%

Bowy Knife
Dam – 1d4+2 +1d4

Colt M19-11 Pistol
(Malfunction 99%)
Load 7 (+1 in breech)
Dam – 1D10+2
Range 15 yards
Plus 2 clips with std rounds
Supressor not on.

Colt M16-A2 Rifle (556)
(Malfunction 98%)
ROF 1/3
Load (30)  27
Dam – 2d6
Range 110
Plus 2 mags

Burrette Sniper Rifle
(Malfunction 98%)
Load 11
Dam – 2d10+1d8+6
Range 250
Telescopic sight

Personal belongs;
Kevlar vest
Bomb suit if needed (Armour 12)

He is your typical jock looking type of guy, standing at 6’2″ tall.
His physical stature is that of someone who trains well and hard with his body,
looking after himself.  Lifting weights and keeping fit.
He has very short cropped blonde hair, with a very short flat top style to it, typical of the military.
He wears no facial hair, and keeps himself clean and well groomed.
His clothing is always well kept and pressed.

Frank was good at sports while at school,
but he could not concentrate on the academic side of school.
And as he matured he found an interest in the military.
Once it was time to leave the school system and consider maybe college,
he realised that the only option for him was the military.
So upon leaving school he enrolled in the local military school.
Once in the military he naturally found his calling, and that was being in the service of his country.
He excelled at all the training, especially the physical.
However once there and during later tours of duty he also found out that he had another natural ability,
and that was he had a nack of inteligence finding.
Soon the upper brass saw this and began to push his abilities.
He was soon offered a place for the elite Delta Force, which he took up straight away.
And once again he found a natural place for him to be.
The military and country is his life.

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