Nobunaga Satome


Nobu was raised in a wealthy family, he had no want or need for anything, he was given everything he needed, but he wasn’t spoilt.

He was raised with honour, and good grooming.  He was an only child. In the northern town of Whitewall.

At an early age he showed remarkable skill in using a sword. And he started to show signs of picking well crafted swords.

At a later age he started to take an interest in sword making, so he was allowed to study this skill.  This he excelled at.

He was drafted into the army in his teen years, to do his loyal service for the realm.

With this he got known as an excellent swordsman, who used his own sword which he made, and no one could touch him on the battlefield.

Because of his skill with using as well as making swords, he was a sought after man.

Around this time he fell in love with General Zhang’s daughter, Ibuki.

After he serviced his conscription, they were allowed to marry.

They had a happy life, but they had problems having children, they had no success, until…

After about 3 years of marriage, on a normal evening Nobu’s world came crashing down around him, and got turned upside down.

Something happened and he can’t remember what, all he knows was that he saw in front of him his wife, laying in a pool of her own blood, and blood dripping off his own sword.  (The moment of his exaltation)

He dropped to his knees and held his loves head in his arms and wept, cried late into the night asking why, WHY!

In the early hours of the morning he decided to leave, to try to find out what happened.

Whilst he was going through the house getting all that he needed, he discovered a letter from Ibuki’s personal physician.

The letter was confirmation to say that Ibuki was pregnant.

He just stood there, for what seemed like hours staring at the words ‘pregnant’.

When he got some of his senses back he just fled into the night, not knowing where he was heading.

He ran for hours, and hours, until the sun broke the dark night’s hold on the horizon.

With that he stumbled over something on the floor, and just laid there, not moving.

He awoke to feel the warmth from the sun on his body, the sun was very high in the sky, and he felt refreshed.

Once he stood up, he dusted himself off and headed out, to see what knowledge he could gain from the world, to find what had happened.

He found that he had on his person, the hair ribbon from Ibuki’s hair, and with this ribbon he tied his sword closed.

His sword is now bound closed with a pink ribbon, and he keeps it wrapped up and strapped to his back, or sometimes uses it as a walking stick.

He will not use his sword again, he wants to now lead a peaceful life.

He doesn’t want anymore killing, and uses the sword only as a staff to defend himself, when needed.

He tries to talk to people, to stop any conflict escalating into deadly combat.

So he sets off on his journey of enlightenment…….


He has an ally from the Imperial Realm, a Dragon Blood.

When Nobu was young, he was at one of the many parties that was held at home, with lots of people in bright sparkly, and expensive looking cloths, and he got friendly with another young boy who was older than him, who also looked bored from the party, so they spent their time getting to know each other and entertaining each other.

Nobu called his new friend ‘big brother’, and he in turn was called ‘little brother’, but this was only in private, not when the adults were around.

Nobu’s new friend was the Dragon Blood who was called Sato Yamachi. Sato was spending more time

travelling back and forth learning his trade which is what brought him to Whitewall in the first place, and his meeting with Nobu.

Whenever Sato was in Whitehall he stayed with Nobu, and they caught up on things they have been up to since they last saw each other.

As they grew older, and there occupations took more of their time, they never spent as much time together and made the most of their time when they did get a chance to meet up.



He speaks with an accent.

He has pale skin, and can deal with the cold weather with no problem, but when encountering the hotter climate, it does affect him.

He stands 5’7″, has long black hair tied in a ponytail high on the head, his hair has a white streak on one side.   He has a short goatee around mouth.

His sword is a bigger version of a katana, the handle is very long, and the blade is long.  It is called a Odachi.   About 67″ long.

In the handle of the sword is a hidden blade that comes out of the handle, opposite to the sword blade, it is triggered with a hidden switch.  The hidden blade is about the length of a long dagger.

He wears on his head a straw hat that covers his face.  Looks through slits in the front of the hat.  It is called a Ronin-gasa.


He is a Dragon Blood from the Realm, who because of his occupation, spends most of his time visiting all the local towns around the realm who do business with them.

He is 38 years old, and stands at 5’10”.

He wears a full beard on his face, but it is kept short.

Odachi sword




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