Hans Lokisson

System – Only War

Player – me
Character Name:  Hans ‘Loki’ Lokisson
Regiment:  Hadian 013 (see below)
Speciality:    Weapon Specialist
Demeanour:    Quiet Loner
Description:    Prefers to be alone as he doesn’t ineteract with others well.  Keepers himself to himself.
He has a constant stuble about his grubby face. Black hair shoulder length, unkept.


Weapon Skill (Ws)   35 (+5) 40
Ballistic Skill (Bs)      45 (+10) 55
Strength (S)              30
Toughness (T)          35
Agility (Ag)                40 (+10) 50
Intelligence (Int)    25
Perception (Per)    32 (+10) 42
Willpower (Wp)      30
Fellowship (Fel)    25


Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics (S)    T
Awareness (Per)        +10
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Commerce (Fel)
Commom Lore (Int)
___Imperial Guard    T
___War    T
Deceive (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)        +10
Forbiden Lore (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Interrogation (Wp)
Intimidate (S)        T
Linguistics (Int)
___Low Gothic        T
Logic (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Navigate (Surface) (Int)    T
Navigate (Stellar) (Int)
Navigate (Warp) (Int)
Operate (Aeronautics) (Ag)    T
Operate (Surface) (Ag)
Operate (Voidship) (Ag)
Parry (Ws)        T
Psyniscience (Per)
Scholarastic Lore (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Security (Int)
Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Stealth (Ag)        +20 (+10 veg – cloak)
Survival (Per)        T
Tech Use (Int)
Trade (Int)

Die Hard
Honor amongst theives
Peer Underworld
Cat Fall
Double Team
Las Barrrage
Quick Draw
Deadeye Shot
Crack Shot
Hightend Sense – Hearing
Weapon Training (Las / Low tech / Flamer)

Total [10]
Current [ ]
Fatigue [ ]
Critical Damage ___

Half [4]
Full [8]
Charge [12]
Run [24]

Type: Stormtrooper Carapace Armour
Head    1-10 – 6
R. Arm 11-20 – 6
L. Arm 21-30 – 6
Body   31-70 – 6
R. Leg 71-85 – 6
L. Leg 86-00 – 6

Points [0]
Disorders ___none

Points [0]
Malignancies ___
Mutations ___

Fate Points: 1

Name: Las Carbine
Class:    Basic    Damage:    1D10+3    Type:    E    Pen: 0
Range:    75    RoF:    S/2/0    Clip:    60 (0)    Rld: half
Special Rules: —

Name: Knife
Class: Melee     Damage:    1D5    Type:    R    Pen: 0
Range:  5    RoF: —        Clip: —    Rld: —
Special Rules: —

Name: Flamer
Class:    Basic    Damage:    1D10+4    Type:    E    Pen: 2
Range:    20    RoF:    S    Clip:    6  (0)    Rld: 2 full turns
Special Rules: flame & spread

Name: Long Las
Class:    Basic    Damage:    1D10+3    Type:    E    Pen: 1
Range:    150    RoF:    1    Clip:    40 (0)    Rld: full
Felling quality = 4
Special Rules: with Telescopic sight

Name: Stoo
Demeaner: Oblivious
Status: alive
Special Abilities: none

Field craft

Experience Points: 5000
Experience to Spend ___050
Total Experince Spent ___4950

Camo cloak (veg) +10 stealth
4 x Crack Grenade (dam = 2d10+4) (Pen 6)  (0)
1 x CC Flamer (0)
4x Energy Cells (Las Carbine)
2x Energy Cells (Long Las)
2x knives
A Ruckshake
Basic tools
Mes-kit & Water canteen
rechargable lamp pack
Grooming kit
Blanket & sleeping bag
Dog tags
Instructionable handbook
Rations 2 weeks
Imperial Flak Armour(Spare)

The Hadian 013th Regiment.

Home Planet.
In the charts of the Calaxis Sector, there is a system that goes largely unnoticed and takes only the title of XK34. This derelict place holds little of importance to the great Empire of Mankind. Any value it had is now forgotten, but on one small moon, orbiting a giant, gas planet, souls toil and die.
Here convicts from across the stars were sent. Sent to mine the earth and construct their own prison cells. Since that time, 800 years ago, the intense mining has left growing seas of acid pollution. First   these seas slowed industry to a crawl, and then forced the entire population of the planet into vast Pylons, each one of these towering structures reaching into the clouds while acid-tides washed at their foundations.
The Planetary Governor and his personal staff, alone, stay free of this artificial cataclysm. They orbit through the void in the golden Mansion. These privileged Clans fight political wars amongst themselves, whilst feasting on wealth from the billion citizens below.

Imperil Cult.
Amongst the people of XK34, the ideas of the outside universe are as irrelevant the myths of foul xenos and battle-saints. Only two thing hold society together; the order of the Adeptus Arbites, and the faith that their sects of the imperial creed brings.
The most powerful sect is known as the ‘Keys to Death’, or ‘Death-Key’. Followers of this Death-Key believe that each person has a time to pass through the doorway from this life to the hells or paradise of the next, but killing an enemy of the imperial creed locks one door for the pious warrior as the soul of the enemy is passed through it. Of course another door will open at a later time, but there are plenty more enemies of the God Emperor, waiting to lock them fast. Thus a pious soul may live forever in His Light.

These warrior cultist from XK34 had been tithed to the Imperium to reinforce other regiments for generations, but when a raid of xenos bypassed all of the Planetary Governor’s defences and took some thousands of citizens from the moon’s surface and disappeared with them.
The Arbites Commander, Kestora Hendus, convinced the Governor that it was time to found a new regiment to combat the enemy in the stars. She was to become the commander of the Hadian 13th.

(Regiment was group constructed)

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