Brendan Woodowski


Brendan Woodowski

Postal Inspector

Codename: Abe (Abagnale)

Strength: 8
Constitution: 10
Power: 10
Dexterity: 10
Appearance: 9
Size: 8
Intelligence: 16
Education: 16

Idea: 80
Luck: 50
Knowledge: 75
Sanity: 59

Damage Bonus (16) -1d4

Hit Points: 9  –  DEAD
Sanity Points: 59 – 48
Magic Points: 10

kevlar armour – 5

Age: 34


Handgun: 50%
Accounting : 21%
Spot Hidden: 65%
Computer Use: 91%
Law: 55%
Listen: 55%
Forgery: 36%
Dodge 28%
Fast Talk: 55%
Library Use: 55%
Psychology: 55%
Conceal 50%
American English Language: 75%

Punch:  50%
Grapple 25%
Headbutt 10%
Kick 25%

Knife:  25%
Damage: 1D4+ damage bonus
# att:  1

Colt Pyphon Revolver: 50% (Malfunction 96%+)
Damage: 1D8+1D4
Range: 15 yards
# att: 1
Load: 6
Carry 2 quick load on person & carry spare in room, car etc. (Gun always fully loaded.)

Personal belongs;
Mountain Bike
Encrypted Pocket Hard drive
Kevlar vest

He has a few unregistered Drop box (PO Boxes) in different States.

A handsome guy with short hair (not cropped).
Smart clothes but casual.
Under average height and weight but fit.
Black hair, no facial except always seems to have a 5 o’clock shadow.
Has a purple birth mark that runs down from behind his left ear to shoulder about 1 inch thick.

He was interested in Forgery and studied this as a hobby to begin with, but then this helped out in the job he took.
He likes to keep fit and does so by riding a push bike to work and regular swimming.

Since joining the Delta Green agency he has had extra training in computer skills esepcially hacking.
This was due to his exceptianal skills he already showed.

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