Phillip Scott


Name:  Phillip Scott

Development Sentence:  You have always had a lust for adventure, travel is the only good thing about the war.

Motivation:  See the world, experience the new and exotic.

Body (2)  Bayonet 2  Sprint 1

Mind (3)  Navigation 2  Education 3

Coordination (3) Submachine gun 3  Athletics 1  Stealth 3  Pilot 2

Empathy (1)  Persuasion 1

Command (1)

Sense (2)  Sight 2

Talent Power:  (4D10, 2HD)

Description:  You instantly transform into a medieval devil, compleat with cloven hoves and a horns.  It takes about thirty seconds to transform.  Additionally power’s dice rating can be added to any roll but this will cause three points of burning (shock) damage to a random location.

Note:  This power doesn’t win you any friends, but britan needs every Talent it can get.  A rich guy that likes to travel and adventure, has a hobby of flying his plane where he needs, but much prefer to adventure on foot somewhere.


3 points damage to right arm – outter burn all down arm.

3 points shock damage to left leg

Pre-generated by Will

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