New additions to the collection – May 2014

This month, (or should I say last month now that we are just in June,) I didn’t get any new roleplaying game books, this time it is only boardgames.  All the ones shown and listed below I managed to buy brand new and sealed, but at a great reduced price, more than half the original price.  Bargain!  You will also see that there is one that stands out as not a boardgame, this one is a collectible model/card game along the similar line as the pirates game, this one as you will see is Star Wars themed.

So to begin with I will show you the pictures of the games in batches as I bought them, and then at the end I will show you the back of the boxes individually.  The only problem I see with this hobby is running out of precious space to store them all, and then of course finding the time to play them all, getting the friends together.

As you can see, I did buy quite a few board games, but then I couldn’t miss out on the bargain price for these.  Now on to the backs.

Well that is the lot for another month.  Hopefully the next will not add up to so much.

Until next time keep gaming and enjoy. 🙂

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