More Additions!

I had another weekend of spending my hard earned money, finding more RPG books I wanted to add to my shelves, plus I found some old gems.

The first one I came across and purchased was just an additional Cthulhu RPG book for a different system, thought it would be interesting to see their take on the subject.

And I thought that was going to be it for the time being, but I decided to go to a great little independent shop I haven’t had the chance to go to for over a year, and found way too many delights I wanted.

The first being this old gem that was complete, even if the box was in a tatty state.

After taking my mind off of that game, I started to take a look at what else that may be there.  And here is what I found next.

Two expansion sets for a great classic game.

Next I stumbled upon another supplement book for a system I loved playing, but never came across this book back then, and it was missing from the ‘set’ of books for that RPG.

Now by this time the pile was already growing with books that just had to be mine, and yet more I just kept coming across.

Like this next book that I used to own years ago, and I have been meaning to get myself a copy of it again.

After that I found another old classic that I had been meaning to buy back then but never got around to, and oddly enough have recently been playing, but of a more recent edition.

By now I had spent some time looking through all the books, and my pile of wants had kept growing, so I needed to be strong and thin the stash down a bit.  So I put more books back that I wanted to purchase, and thought that I would come back for them another day.

But before leaving I looked through another collection of books on a different set of shelves, and found some more Cthulhu books that I have always wanted to buy, but again never got around to it.

Here are the next two books that I added to my purchase.

Now as I was standing there sorting through my pile of books, that started to weigh more, making sure that this pile was the last, final choice of books, I saw a box on another shelf, of a game I just had to have.

When I finally got home with all my goodies, I was looking through my stash and checking that the Judge Dredd RPG box had everything, I found plenty of photocopies of character sheets, blank ones, inside along with hand-outs.  But what was great was that there was also the addition of the following book inside the box.

Well there you have it, my total collection of new additions to my collection of gaming books, and as before here is a picture of the collection’s back covers.

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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