New additions to the collection – September 2014

Another month gone by, and a few more items added to my still growing collection.  There are always so many different items that are out which I would still like to get a hold of.  Add them to the collection.

First up is a Role Playing Game book which I have been meaning to buy for some time now.  I usually see it in a shop and pick it up, give it the once over then place it back and purchase something else.  But this time I finally bought it.

Next up is a game system I have also been meaning to purchase for some time, but have never been able to find in any of my local game shops, and yes I know I could buy online but wanted to find and support my local independent game stores, however this time I succumbed to it and finally bought this edition online.  I needed to have it has I have a game in my collection that uses the rules from this system.  Also it is supposed to be a good game system anyway, so should be worth having in the collection on its own merits.

Now we move on to these next three books.  They are source books for a game that you probably have guessed by now that I have a little interest in.  These I found at a good price online, while looking for the Savage Worlds game book.  These will be a good addition to the other ‘Secrets’ books I have.


And lastly we finish with these two simple little ‘board’ games.  There are no boards to these, just pieces you use to play, but then you will see from the pictures what I mean.  I had found these two at a local Sci-Fi, Memorabilia, and Toy Fair. I picked them both up at a really good knock down price.  Any guesses as to why I may have been drawn to these?

That is it for another month.  Until next time, Game On!

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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