Yomi – Kickstarter

David Sirlin’s Yomi – awarded Game of the Year by Tom Vasel in 2010, has a brand new expansion with hilariously overpowered abilities and a new rank of face card called Destiny cards for over-the-top gameplay. These new cards will be available exclusively in the EX Powerup Box – the premium way to collect and select all of your Yomi character decks.
The EX Powerup Box includes:
  • Slots for all 20 Yomi character decks arranged just like a character select screen in a fighting game!
  • All of the new EX character cards and Destiny cards
  • An oversized Deathstrike Dragon character card for a unique new way to play 2v1
  • 1 Premium knockdown token

You may be wondering, how can you fill your EX Powerup Box when the 10 expansion character decks are not available? They are also pleased to announce that after several years of balancing and community feedback the 10 expansion set decks are being offered for the first time ever to Kickstarter backers, months ahead of the normal release.


Over the coming weeks Sirlin Games will be unveiling more art, more cards, more about Yomi Round 1 and Round 2 deck bundles and even the EX Powerup Box itself through the Kickstarter.

  • Price
    • $140 for the EX Powerup Expansion including all 10 expansion decks
    • $100 for just the 10 expansion decks
    • Other packages available
  • Release:
    • Kickstarter started today (June 17th 2014)
    • Estimated Nov 2014 delivery

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